non laser body tattoo removal

SKIN DEEP CLINIC offers a revolutionary non-laser tattoo removal service.


Skin Deep Clinic is the home of SKINIAL Gold Coast South and Northern NSW.

SKINIAL is the largest worldwide non-laser, tattoo removal system with studios in more than 25 countries.

Now in Australia, this ground-breaking Swiss and German ingenuity uses a natural product that enables the body’s own rejection responses to remove the tattoo. 

Whether you want, the entire tattoo gone or just part of the design removed, unlike laser, we can estimate the number of treatments needed.




SKINIAL is less painful than laser

SKINIAL requires fewer treatments than laser, therefore costing you less

SKINIAL removes ALL colours equally

SKINIAL leaves no residue in the body

SKINIAL won’t kill your hair follicles or melanocytes.

Book a complimentary consultation with master trainer and Skinial Studio specialist, Deanne, to discuss this amazing treatment and expected results. 

Skinial now gives you a safe and effective alternative to laser.

You have nothing to lose but your tattoo!



How Skinial Non-Laser Tattoo Removal works?

The patented removal liquid SKINIAL-EX, based on (lactic) milk acid, is applied to the treated area. It slowly penetrates through the tattoo ink. It then reacts with the macrophages which have encapsulated the colour molecules up until now. These cells then lose their strength and release the tattoo pigment.

The macrophages that have surrounded and protected the tattoo ink are now recognised by the body’s defence system as a foreign substance and rejects them directly to the surface of the skin where a scab will form.

This scab dries after a few days and the treated area heals completely within a few weeks. 


Skinial Tattoo Removal Treatment Procedure

We can almost always remove the tattoo ink entirely in the area we have worked with a single treatment, no matter what the type and quality of the tattoo ink or the tattoo.

In order to reduce the risk of scarring, we treat several small areas (or dots) of 0.5cm x 0.8cm. 

This non-laser treatment only removes the top layer of the skin, so it looks as if it has been slightly grazed on that particular spot. After the application of Skinial-EX removal liquid to the treated dot the ink is rejected by the body and becomes embedded in the scab that develops.

The process of the non-laser tattoo removal can be visibly accelerated by the use of the Skinial ScarCare Cream, which moisturises the skin and supplies it with valuable healing substances.


Side Effects

The skin regeneration is influenced by many factors. Health, lifestyle and other factors are always considered. 

The treatment is carried out in our hygienic and professional Skin Deep Clinic. 

In order to avoid side effects we advise every client to follow the aftercare instructions thoroughly. Should these instructions be followed, side effects seldom occur in the Skinial non-laser tattoo removal process. 

With the removal of larger tattoos the risk of scar formation is higher than with the removal of smaller tattoos.



Every Skinial studio archives hundreds of before & after treatment pictures that you may view during your complimentary SKIN DEEP CLINIC consultation.


skinial non laser tattoo removal

Removes ALL colours!

Takes the ink OUT of the body.

Less painful than laser.

Requires fewer treatments than laser therefore costing your LESS. 

NO residue or pollutants left in body. 

Skinial product range at Skin Deep Clinic

Patch tests are optional but recommended. 

Treatment costs can be determined by the type and size of your tattoo and is estimated prior to commencing your treatment plan. Treatments are scheduled 6-8 weeks apart. Health, lifestyle and other factors are considered. 

Recommended Aftercare products are not included in treatment prices.