• Avoid taking blood thinning medications (aspirin) or fish or krill oils 7 days before procedure.

  • Do not wear makeup on area being tattooed.

**For the following conditions, please consult your GP first.

  • Anyone with any conditions that result in taking blood thinning medications such as Warfarin. 

  • Anyone with Type One Diabetes or uncontrolled Type Two Diabetes.

  • Anyone with low levels of iron.


Skin Deep Clinic Permanent Make Up Removal



The success of the tattoo removal is mostly in your own hands!

  • Keep the treated area completely dry for 3 days and protected during the healing process (6-8 weeks).

  • Protect the treated area at all times from sun exposure, friction from clothing, sports and leisure activities etc

  • Only use recommended SKINIAL Aftercare Products on treatment areas

  • Before the scab has fallen off use;

*H2O Mediclean to help prevent infection and decrease healing time. 

  • After scab has fallen off use any combination of the following targeted treatments according to your individual needs;

*Skinial Scar Care Cream has been developed to restore balance to irritated skin, while its antibacterial effect reduces the risk of infection. It increases the skin’s water binding capacity, helping the skin to retain its moisture balance and accelerating the regeneration phase.

Use Scar Care Cream 3 times daily to ensure the best possible result.

*Skinial Skin Repair Gel features a unique combination of a number of ingredients in large quantities, that support the skin as it regenerates and rebuilds.  

Skin Repair Gel is the ideal complement for healing and regeneration after tattoos or tattoo removal and can be used in conjunction with Skin Care Creme to provide acute skin care and reduced healing time. 

*Skinial Cover X is a completely new product that has been developed to provide a thin layer of silicone that acts as an “artificial skin”.

Cover X simultaneously solves a whole range of problems related to effective wound healing and scar minimisation.

  1. The treatment area becomes impermeable to UV rays 

  2. The area is protected from friction from clothing and movement as well as splash proof protection, e.g., when showering.

  3. The protective layer dissolves independently after a few days.

  4. Moist healing occurs, leading to a gentle, soothing healing process which will reduce the risk of scars and infections and an increased effectiveness of the application of Scar Care Cream and/or Skin Repair Gel

CoverX is easy to apply and quick-drying. It can be covered with make-up and does not stain.